• Marriage is kind of overrated.

Being in love is a good feeling and that seems to be the only thing some people focus on. It feels good now but that doesn’t mean it will tomorrow, or after five years of living together. Marriage has it’s pros and cons, and I think everyone should pour all those cards on the table and think critically about each one before getting into any relationship.

Pre-marital counselling is a fantastic idea, maybe we should start thinking about pre-dating counselling as well.

  • Attractiveness gives you an edge.

There are articles out there to prove that attractive people actually do have an edge and that’s fine. I click on certain videos just because the people I see on there are attractive and I must agree, looking at attractive people feels good (at least for me) and that is also fine; that said, inner beauty is still very much alive and still carries an immense amount of weight. You have your own physical beauty, but there is someone out there more physically attractive than you are so just deal with it and learn to love the body you just happened to find yourself in.

  • I’ll probably never own a Mercedes.

Mercedes here is obviously a representation of something bigger.

There are factors beyond your control that are working to make sure you don’t become rich; like being born poor, not having the best education, not growing up in an environment where you are constantly being motivated and you know what! it’s fine. Just do what you can to achieve what you want.

  • Emotional intelligence is not as common as you’d expect it to be.

Dealing with people on the daily requires a certain je ne se quoi that we could never quite put a finger on before we learnt about the concept of EQ, it was probably in the form of:

 “When you are running late, you don’t just show up and assume all is well.”

  • Sometimes people will never change their minds because of reasons that pay their rent.

Politicians here take the trophy.

It’s always about survival for the fittest and that always seems to be the premise of whichever position we take and you know what! It’s not fine, but what can I do about it?

  • Political leaders should be the most intellectual and skilled people we can find.

Plain and simple. They are not though and we should change that.

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