So I assisted someone with a thing that I always treat in a specific way to ensure that it remains durable, but I forgot to disclose this information to the person I was lending to. Fast-forward, he returned it in worse shape than it was (no surprise there) but he was agitated that I’d make a huge deal out of it and to some extent, I wanted to, but just couldn’t on any rational grounds.
The thing is cheap and am well aware that China is very notorious for making and selling to us cheap and non-durable things, and so this whole scenario sparked and interesting train of thought: I imagined all the situations we as human beings get angry at each other us because of things; things that are built not to last; to be destroyed and replaced to the detriment of our relationships. They give us such unnecessary anxiety when we think of all the bad things that could happen because they have happened and can happen, and forget that it is not our fault that things were built not with our emotions or the greater good for man-kind at the fore-front, but for profit.
We get angry at people when they scratch our cars and we forget that that’s the way society is built. That car was bound to be scratched from the moment it was conceptualized; we are simply holding our breaths for when it will happen because it is us who invented the idea of cars being scratched as a bad thing and cars in general. Is it too hard to make a car that can’t be scratched? Is it intrinsically a big deal to possess a car that’s scratched? Do we drive with the constant fear that our car might be scratched or are we at peace with the car simply being a means to an end.
Have we become so corrupted by our worship of money that we forget man can be good. I ordered a samosa a while back and it was stale, so I tried to take it back but the guy just wouldn’t admit it was even after another customer reiterated the same. Who wakes up wanting to eat a stale samosa or stale anything to that effect? Why was this man so hell-bent on breaking the basic code of ethics of mankind for 20 shillings? To keep sales up? To cover up a mistake? Do we have to compromise on being people to make ends meet? Why do we have to defend systems that we know are flawed and why do we have to let it break our values? Everything built by man is flawed and we all know that, systems fail but it is what we do when they fail that really matters.
Fret less, it’s not always your fault!

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