So I just finished this amazing book “I Will Always Write Back” by Caitlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda. I had been looking for it for the longest time ever and it surpassed my expectations.

It’s a true story about how being two penpals in two radically different continents (America and Africa(Zimbabwe) changed the lives of these two people. It really spoken a message of heart-warming boundless love that am still soaking in: It’s left me fantasizing about a life where we view everyone with eyes of love even when we get a gut feeling that they might not be the best people; a life where everything we do is out of the abundance of the love we have in our hearts.

Love is intrinsic; we do it without trying and I have never seen any reason for hating on one another, we are social beings and I’ve always been of the philosophy that all the things we strive for are so important to us because of their meaning in society. Martin and Caitlin have shown me that love has no bounds: it is not limited by our financial ability or what we think we ought to do; it’s all about listening to the heart and acting on it. I always say that everyone deserves a chance and in as much as we may live in a world where we co-exist with people without the best intention at heart, my hope is that we view everyone with eyes of love. As one who studies psychology, every behaviour is as a result of society; it can be learnt and can thus unlearnt.

It sounds cliché to talk about love and how important it is but I have to because I don’t think us humans have gotten to the point of cultivating it fully if even barely. Concepts such as kindness, generosity and all that mushy stuff sound so abstract and it’s just so obvious and natural to us humans but it’s the bad outliers who feed on it for the wrong reasons who have made us so cautious and to the detriment of this love we so strongly yearn to express. My hope is that we all gain wisdom to discern but still strongly inculcate love beyond the monetary.

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