Is that they make you spend more. I’ve re-evaluated my spending for 2018 in a bid to save more by cutting down on unnecessary expenditure. Now, I like having all saving in the bank and ready cash or Mpesa for daily use. The biggest drainer of my savings is small airtime purchases that cumulatively leave a dent in my bank account.


Am just so lazy to walk up to the shop and buy airtime whenever I need it because it’s right there on the app, and that is why I have resolved to just buy those monthly bulk packages. Hopefully, that will solve the problem; I’ll give an update on how that goes but, for now, simple trial and error.


Don’t get me wrong, am not against the idea of bank apps. In fact, they have really made life more convenient and simple. I don’t have to visit the ATM everytime I need to check my balance since it’s literally at the tip of my fingers; get my drift? I just need my fingerprint to access the cash in my account. I wish this was an endorsement but it’s not! When I think about it; it would probably have sealed all those dents in my account *wink.


When it comes to these apps, just learn to exercise self-control and proper planning and you will be okay. Happy New Year!


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