So the other day, I was sitted in a group of peers and we were having a casual discussion about friendship and all of a sudden; came up the question of how many of us had ever been depressed. About 7 out of 8 people admitted to have gone through a period in their life that they would consider depressing.

Now the idea of what depression feels like might be relative. There is no scale to determine what level of sadness describes a depressed person but we can only gauge by the symptoms they exhibit. To do that, we would have to get personal and quite frankly, not everyone is comfortable doing that so we decided to move on to the question of how many had actually considered suicide and surprisingly, it was the same number.

Please have in mind that these are young adults between the ages of 19 and 24 years and I was shocked that young people are going through these things at this rate. I think we should really have an ongoing conversation about this.

In as much as we invest in skills and knowledge it is important that we have an emphasis on the general psychological well-being of people because things like these surpass one’s class, power and even level of wealth.

There is definitely a position for the role played by genes and how some people might be more predisposed towards suicide and it is up to us to pay more attention to the warning signs as well as go through our family history to see whether any mental health warning signs can be traced back to anyone in our family tree. Awareness is the first step in solving a problem and more importantly stemming it from the cause.

Please learn to cultivate meaningful friendships with people around you who you can genuinely rely on in times of trouble. It doesn’t have to be a large number, one is enough or even family members you know you can confide in.

Live happy, it’s never that serious.

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