Someone once pointed out to me that one of the factors that have contributed to Africans being considered backward is the fact that we do not document what we do. With this in mind, I have decided to broadcast an idea that has been floating around in my head for your own consumption. I don’t have the financial muscle to make it happen now so feel free to expand on it or even do something about it.

I have always envisaged a matatu transport system that we can be proud of as Kenyans and with the advancements in technology that are out there, I think it is high time someone brought those two together.

I would love to enter a matatu that has a cashless payment system, good management that is accountable, a reputable brand I can identify with, clean, has enough space for me to walk comfortably without having to brush everyone’s shoulder as I pass by, some good background music that is not repugnant to anyone, a conductor who has a welcoming smile and a general positive atmosphere that does not make me feel depressed about your life but rather the opposite.

I don’t see how any one of these ideas cannot be implemented. We could make it a sort of digital matatu platform that allows you to books seats on a matatu that plies your route online and get a time estimate for its arrival. That way you save on time as well as get convenience.

The main objective here is to provide serious value for money and uplift the lives of ordinary Kenyans. So with that in mind, feel free to critique and expand on my ideas.

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