In the past couple of months, I have been using matatus quite often to travel to and fro the same place using the likes of Kbs citi hoppa and double MM and my experience when it comes to fare, disappoints me especially due to the fact that Kenya is a global leader when it comes to mobile money. I remember the pepea card idea from way back and it honestly felt like a good thing. Too bad it never gained traction.

Doing the same monotonous action over and over again should be simplified. I have to constantly think about how much money I have in my pocket lest I find myself in situation where you hand the conductor a thousand shillings to minus 20 bob and beside the embarrassment you might experience, (if not harassment) you heart jumps every time he leaps out of the vehicle without handing you your balance back and you can’t concentrate on anything other than the small bunch in his hand constantly counting to see whether he has enough to give you your balance back or he’s just torturing you mentally.

Matatu sacco’s can gain a huge edge if they decided to invest heavily in branding. Customers would feel a lot more appreciated, it would be easier to collect statistics on travelling patterns and frequencies, give amazing offers to make customers feel the impact of being loyal customers and ultimately create a seamless and stress free mode of travel that uplifts the general quality of life for Kenyans.

We have brilliant minds in Kenya so it’s definitely not brain power we lack.

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