Is that they are most likely Scams. I have done quite intensive research on this topic and you should honestly thank me because I have potentially saved you a lot of money.

From my research, I am 100% sure Fixed Matches exist and there are people who are making money out of it. Infact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard a particular match in the Kenyan Premier league was fixed.

I have to confess, I was one of those people who was wooed by the crazy winning screenshots and winning ticket photos. I think a screenshot of 300k in winnings would catch the attention of anyone. Thinking I had struck gold, I embarked on a journey to find these so called fixed match vendors.

I went on twitter and found quite a number and even some with thousands of followers. The prices for two correct score odds ranged from 2,000ksh to as much as 300 euros. There were even some that allowed you to only pay after.

Of all the blogs I read, the first lines went something like ‘Run as fast as you can from those scammers.’ Or ‘Block those pages while you still can’ and I was honestly heartbroken so I decided to find my own proof and see all the evidence for myself.

After heavy digging I finally came to the conclusion that they were all scammers and this is how they do it:

They Photoshop screenshots and printed tickets which really don’t look like tickets from an etr machine and post them on their social media accounts. They combine those with photos of lot’s of money and all sorts of lavish items from God knows where. (probably the internet). Someone casually scrolling the internet stumbles upon these posts, pays the amount only late to find out that the person they sent the money via western union or money gram is actually a Nigerian or worse still; a fellow Kenyan.

In one of the cases, this guy called @usafixedmatch on twitter and apparently lives in the united states and is Caucasian  is actually liking tweets from Miguna Miguna and Raila Odinga? Someone please explain to me why… I also feel that these scammers might just be the same person with numerous accounts and keep changing their names from time to time.


Another weird case is this, this ticket had all sorts of discrepancies. I doubt a big gambling company such as williamhill would not know how to spell the word gamble or at least double check a url address they post on their ticket. Just take a good look at this ticket and tell me if it looks like your typical etr ticket.

Finally, the strongest point of all. If someone is making as much as 20,000 euros from a gamble of 60 euros Daily!! Then why would they sell that information to you at 60 euros. Think about it, if you really had a fixed match everyday, how much would you sell that information at? Comment below.

Final conclusion, I do not completely dismiss the fact that you might stumble upon information about fixed matches prior to their happening but trust me, it won’t be on the internet or even the dark web if you think you are smarter than everyone.

My conclusion; Run as fast as you can when you see those posts and warn those close to you. Feel free to comment any scammers you have had a run in with. Don’t forget to share like, bookmark and subscribe.

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