Ole Sereni definitely one of those places you should experience regardless of whether you are Kenyan or a foreigner.

There is just something about the location that makes it almost too good to be true.


The first thing when you get to the rooms, is the view. I suggest you request a room overlooking the park (very important).

Case in point; here is a pic I took at 7:49 in the morning from my deluxe room.


There is an overall african theme in the interior design that somewhat captures the Kenyan culture and it brings out a warm yet luxurious feel.


Room service was by far my second favorite aspect of the hotel as would be with anyone spending the night at a four star hotel.

Everyone was too nice and it made me feel like people on the outside are just grumpy from the hard beatings of life.

What disappointed me was the lack of a big garden, but the pool deck and restaurant sufficed. The music played by the band there at the time was good and I think it largely reflected African if not Kenyan music.

All in all, the experience is worth what you pay for. I hope to visit again soon, maybe they will throw in a couple of free nights so we can do this all over again from the top?

Oh yeah! Let me just leave this here?

My favourite part of the room?

Here are some more pictures I took:




Featured image and overhead shot are sourced from the Ole-sereni website.

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