I haven’t missed a single Safaricom Jazz concert since my first experience and what keeps me going back for more is the new experience that’s almost guaranteed.

The mud and the cold weather did not dampen my mood. I really enjoyed myself and I’d genuinely give it a 7.99 out of 10.


I could tell that the audience wanted more than just Jazz. I know most Jazz fans describe it as the kind of music you sit, relax and enjoy as opposed to dance, scream and all that. The time to time deviation from jazz didn’t really excite me as much but that’s just my opinion. Music is supposed to be enjoyed and if you enjoy it by screaming your lungs out, then you do you.


I particularly loved the different approach at engaging the audience that Kavutha, Jacob and his band did. It was definitely something new and this is what for me makes Safaricom Jazz worth coming for again and again.

I look forward to the next concert. I’ll definitely be there.

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