We always say that the law is an ass and I think almost everyone has found themselves in a situation where they felt like the same law that was supposed to protect them did the opposite. Instead, what seems morally right can manipulated by anyone who understands the dynamics.

Now this is where the big flaw comes in. Rules are meant to keep people in check and mitigate situations even before they happen, but what that goes against what us humans are, and that is unique.

Just because the rules in a building say that you have to be in by 10pm does not mean that at 10:01 all hell breaks loose, but it is simply leaving room to prevent any security issues. And even if security around that area is an issue, it’s not like robbers have a fixed timeline that says they have to rob everyone every night after 10pm.

This same law that is supposed to protect the tenant ends up hurting them, because a lot happens after 10pm and it means they will have to forfeit all that.

Before you begin blasting the comment section, I know the tenant could just move out, but this is a simple illustration. Take other examples and analyse on your own.

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