Apparently,  the recent lecturers strikes (note the plural form) have had me trying out new things simply out of boredom, and most end up in a time wasting cycle that takes up a massive amount of my time and eventually does not benefit me just like in my last post on My Digital Borrowing Story.7
So I joined tinder sometime around November 2017 and to be honest, I thought I was a very eligible 20 year old male. I started off swiping left just because I didn’t want to lead someone on when I really wasn’t into the whole thing (I know, am a good guy). I did this for about a month and then when I had one of those momentary shocks of reality that make you do things in the heat of the moment, I decided to start swiping right on the girls I thought were super cute. Next thing I know, I had uploaded 4 photos in some nice poses I never thought I had in me with the first one being one I took on the beach while I was on holiday in Diani.
I got a couple of swipes at first and most of them never got to the point of messaging or the messages never went beyond ten, reason being they were either kinda weird, too sketchy, potential catfish or just didn’t want to reply. This whole time, I was a tinder addict and I used to swipe everyday and I even expanded my geographical and age scope just so I could swipe more.
I used to use up all my swipes on a daily basis and on an average week, I would get just one match and that is after swiping right on every girl (Yes, even those with weird pictures of cartoons and barbies), I even swiped on a guy  accidentally ( I don’t know why tinder does that) and we matched!! but that’s a story for another day Lol. I even swiped on a mzungu who was on holiday in Kenya and was  looking for a mandingo. ( please don’t look it up; incase you do, i’ts the second meaning)
When I look back, I honestly don’t recall chatting with anyone and really clicking.  The last interesting chat was with an American chick studying in Kenya (No, I don’t have a weird mzungu thing), but after I asked her what she likes she went completely silent. Seriously, what do you women want! When I ask the right mature kind of questions, I don’t get a response and when I ask the questions you don’t want to hear, am a perv. Anyway i’ll stick to the old fashioned way for now and see where that leads me.
I finally deleted my account and am happier than ever being the same old coward thanks to the internet. I don’t know if I will give tinder a second shot so my hope for now is that the lecturers strike ends soon so I can stop pushing myself between rocks just so I can get a good story for you guys SMH!
image courtesy of pinterest.
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