I was having an interesting discussion on the topic of abortion with a couple of people the other day and I was just surprised at what I was hearing.

Interestingly, 2013 statistics showed that 64.4% of all abortions done in Kenya are done by married women with Nairobi standing at number 4 among the provinces with the highest prevalence of abortions.

So let’s get into the behind the scenes of abortion in Nairobi.

I won’t mention the actual locations because as of now abortion is not legal so those who are doing it are going contrary to the law.

The most expensive spot where celebrities and “important” people go will set you back about 100,000ksh. This is along Kimathi Street.

Second on the list is a building along TomMboya Street where you will get those services on the second floor. The procedure will cost you about 10,000 to 8,000ksh depending on how old the pregnancy is.

Third on the list is some clinic I somewhere in Kibera that will charge you about 5,000Ksh.

Fourth is Kibera Laini Saba where it will cost you around 3,500Ksh again depending on how old the pregnancy. The older the pregnancy, the higher the cost and the higher the risk as well.

Fifth on the list is some building in Eastleigh that’s a walking distance from Agakhan. Here, the procedure will cost you about 2,500Ksh again depending on the previously mentioned factor.

So there you go. I don’t know what philosophy you subscribe to when it comes to abortion but remember this; every woman has a choice not to get pregnant!

photo source: enkimd.com

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