When I started blogging, I clearly had no idea what I was getting myself into. After numerous ups and downs, I think am half equipped to give pointers to anyone who plans to start or has just started blogging.

1. Consistency.
Am sure this is among the hardest things to do as a content creator. Sticking religiously to a new schedule can be overwhelming especially because you need to come up with new and fresh content every time.
I never had a schedule at first and even after I drafted one, it was really hard to stick to, but after a while, it got into my system and now it’s almost natural.

2. Coming up with new ideas.
Every blog needs to have new and fresh content that is relevant and up to date. Coming up with those ideas week in weekout; depending on you posting schedule, can be demanding especially when your blogging niche is not that broad.

3. The Time it takes to make a mark.
For your blog to be widely known or for people to really respect you for what you write about, patience should be your number one virtue. It all boils down to what you your end goal is.

4. Expenses
A good blog needs a good design and for that to happen, you either need to have good web designing skills or hire someone who can.
You also need to buy a domain and if you want to go a step further, pay a small registration fee to join a group of bloggers around you.

Those were my 4 key points that were; and are still are, the hardest for me,.

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