Now, Mr Bean is one of my favourite televison series and I always book the airings once I see them.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have began questioning the ideas propagated by the content we watch on television.

In reality, Mr. Bean is not only a stingy narcissistic psychopath, but also exhibits symptoms of numerous mental issues. He manifests his teddy bear; ‘teddy’, as a living being. In one episode, he even packs a suitcase for him.

Now, I don’t know if we take humour too far sometimes, but I hope kids get the right message from elsewhere.

This reminds me of the series, ‘Power’. It’s drama definetly had me on my toes. After seeing all those stacks of money, a kikuyu’s blood definetly has to boil. It made me rethink the whole idea of drugs?.

Drugs are bad so don’t misquote me.

The series has an adult rating so thats a bit of a relief.

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