I love Jazz and when I get a whole experience to go with it, I wouldn’t pass out on the opportunity.

The fact that Safaricom does a survey before and after the event makes me feel like my thoughts have already been articulated.

I love how they take their time to sample almost people’s opinion before and after the gig.

I will keep this short and simple by highlighting only one intrinsic point of interest.

We had a very interesting discussion on our way to the venue. Some friends of mine who are musicians were talking about how Safaricom Jazz has been somewhat diluted to please everyone’s ear and subsequently attaract many people as possible.

I honestly think this is true but, I would argue that the Jazz feel hasn’t been completely lost. Jazz festival only lasts for about a week and if during that period it makes people appreciate jazz more; then am not entirely against it.

I won’t go into the nittie gritties of what was right and what was wrong because not much has changed since that last time. But I would like to see something new and exciting next time.

Photo Source: @safaricomltd

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