I was watching a documentary today about a certain crime gang in Nairobi’s notorious Kayole estate, and there was someone explaining how young women who are wives to criminals sometimes marry as many as three times after the previous husband is killed or sent to prison. During that whole period, the mother has sired about 8 children in total and is left with barely enough to sustain those children.

It got me wondering, this is not the first story of this kind that I have heard. We always watch news of a parent somewhere asking for help to send his or her first born; out of about 12 children to secondary school or for tertiary education.

On the other hand, those who are more than able to cater for their kids studies have 2 or 3 children maximum.

I am not a parent nor do I intend to become one soon; unless someone decides to surprise me?.

I am the right age to be asking questions about marriage and I really wish we had a class in school to teach all this.

Is it that the poor lack a sense of family and financial planning or is there more that am missing?

Photo source:  @majimajikenya on twitter

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