Kenya has just taken so many twists and turns politically that it makes me confused on where I stand.

Since the elections, the news have just felt negative; and I hope it’s not just me. I don’t know if journalism school teaches about good news and bad news ratio because there might be people going through depression right now.

I have been a religious news fanatic and I always flip through channels to get a good and unbaised perspective on what’s happening on the ground, but all this imformation has done is emphasise on situations of crisis.

I use twitter as my primary source of fast information and to be honest, one headline is enough to put everything to perspective. It saves me a lot of time because I only read more on what I want and I don’t have to sit through advertisements when I can just skip ahead.

So for now, news on tv will be one of my very last priorities. My energies will be concentrated elsewhere; Youtube maybe?

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