The only thing that Trump did differently was say it outloud and in the most blunt way possible.

Looking at his remarks from a critical point of view; I totally agree, we have big flaws that are not even close to clean cut solutions.

Criticism always hurts especially when it has some truth in it and such criticism has always gone unsaid, but now that it is out, we need to take it positively and make strategies going forward.

To me, Trump sounds like the typical American who echoes what the majority of the traditional American people are thinking rather than what the liberals say.

This whole drama scenario takes me back to the ‘Hotbed thing’ where KOT showed CNN whose boss through the power of numbers and keyboards.

We need to make our country what we want to see it. If we say that our country is a hotbed of adventure, talent, opportunity and all those amazing things, then why would we want to move permanently to other countries especially those that think so lowly of us??

I must commend Kenyans though, the way we stood to defend our beloved country regardless of the myriad of challenges we face, made me feel proud.

In as much those remarks may have some truth, such words should not be uttered loosely.

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