The recent ban on night travel by PSV’s sounds to me like a desperate and emotional response to public outrcry.

The Cabinet Secretary of Transport & Infrastructure; James Macharia in an exclusive interview aired on NTV stated that the move is meant to save as many lives as possible even if it’s one.

Let’s be frank here, the transport situation in our country is not new. The only reason why accidents are more rampant in December is simply because people are travelling more and that means the ailments of this whole sector are amplified.

The National Transport and Safety authority has pointed out that over 90% of these accidents are as a result of human error, but that’s simply pointing a finger at themselves. They are tasked with the mandate of providing licenses and basically being the jury when it comes to who can drive on the road and who cannot.

This move by the NTSA simply shows that we wait for our sins to form a bubble and it is only when this bubble bursts that we come up with mitigation measures.

I urge our leaders to always invest in long-term measures. When bans are made in this manner it is those who cannot afford a private car or to hire one that are left to suffer the consequences and they are left to think that those who make those laws simply do not understand their plight because they cruise around in their own cars.

If the NTSA really did their job, we wouldn’t be here.

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