No seriously! If I do decide to run, please shackle me next to the toilet and bring me food every morning till the elections are over.

The behaviour of our beloved MCA’s just makes me want to throw up. TBH I didn’t even know which candidates in my constituency were running for the seat and am so glad I never bothered.

To represent your people in the county assembly you need to have tough skin and not only that. You need to wake up quite early to an extensive routine of jaw streching and revision of your favourite vulgar terms from the ‘dictionary of come-backs.’

You also need to test your strengh on a punching bag -if you can afford one, but who am I kidding; of course you can and even if your salary or multiple businesses doesn’t quite fit the bill, we won’t ask where you got it, maybe Wabukala will.

Finally, the cherry on top. Pop open your laptop and catch up on the recent developments in the boxing and name calling community on WWE courtesy of your superfast home internet connection.

No seriously! We have moved from a fistfight in Murang’a to violent principal ejections in several counties and this kind of behaviour exhibited by the people we call leaders doesn’t really show any hallmarks of a leader.

We expect our leaders to know the right channels to express our grievances and how to apply the law when it comes to community issues. How can we put our faith in you when you use ‘primitive’ (not my own words) methods.

MCAs need to change and in as much as they do some good for their people, their behaviour needs to reflect that. Otherwise if the seat is not that necessary, I don’t see the need of hanging on to loose ends.

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