Hello people. Due to the recent public outcry over the number of people who have perished as a result road accidents, I felt I should share my own experience to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

A car I was in was rear-ended early this December but luckily it was an incident everyone walked away from. Sadly the recent incidents highlighted on television put to perspective the worst case scenario that could have been.

I have taken it upon myself to give some personal recommendations that I think might make a difference:

1. Don’t travel as much this festive season if you don’t have to.

2. Travel with saccos that have the best track record; fare price should be the least of your concerns.

3. Speak out when the driver overspeeds.
and finally the most obvious; don’t drink and drive.

Feel free to share your own recommendations.

Ciao, I hope I see you next year. Make Merry?

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