4. Charge Once a Day.
Other blogs will tell you to never go beyond 90% to maintain a healthy battery but that sounds stressful because it means you have to keep checking. I charge mine overnight and that gets me through the day comfortably.

5. Powerbanks.
I don’t like powerbanks because there are a lot of fake ones in the market and you just never know what kind of damage it might cause.

If you find one really necessary I’d advise you to buy the same brand as your phone and from a verified dealer shop.

6. Malwarebytes.
I have found this app quite useful against malicious attacks. I download a lot of stuff off the internet and am not always sure whats legit and whats not. So if you keep seeing popups from nowhere, this is the app for you.

Essentially these tips are not supposed to limit your usage. Your phone is a means to and end. Don’t be to afraid to let kids play games on it once in a while -it will become obsolete in 2 yrs or so anyway.

Part One

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