I’ve had my Galaxy S7 Edge for just over seven months now and I feel quite impressed at how well I’ve managed to maintain it.

It has no dents, scratches or cracks and could easily be pass off as new.  I have never dropped it from a anything higher than sitting height and that has only happened when I doze off on the couch and the phone slips out of my pocket. I attribute this to self-consciousness and sticking to rules which I’ll share in this two part article.

1. Keys and coins.
This is definitely my strongest point. Do not let your screen come into contact with anything that has the potential of scratching it. The only thing that should come into contact with your screen is your fingers and fabric.

So when you put your phone in your pocket of handbag make sure it is not in contact with anything that could cause your screen or the body to have scuffs or marks.

The main culprit is usually keys and coins so just keep those as far as you can and spare your phone the torture.

2.  Hold your phone firmly.
This definitely sounds cliché but it’s actually the main cause of phone dropping. It is usually out of the fear of butt dialling someone or opening some app and swiping left on what could have been.

My advice is not to fear the screen, it actually forms about 40 percent of the whole surface area of the phone and I find it especially harder for Samsung users with the signature curved screens.

3. A good back cover.
I don’t like back covers mainly because I assume the manufacturer would have been smart enough to include it in the phone’s manufacture if it was absolutely necessary.

But I must say, it definitely depends on your preferences as an individual and the kind of environment your phone is exposed to on a daily basis.

If you do a lot of activity and your phone could fall out of your phone at any moment or your just clumsy, I’d advise you to get a good and solid back cover.

I don’t find flip covers as effective because they always have awkward and tricky opening dynamics. They demand that you use both hands most of the time and that’s why I steer away but, I would recommend them for when you have your screen constantly coming into contact with all sorts of stuff.

Part Two

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