The stop corruption story has been told so many times that it sickens me.  I honestly can’t pick one success story where individuals have faced the full wrath of the law in a cut and dry case.

Things are not getting better and I don’t expect them to, not when everyone holds a corrupt mentality both figuratively and literally.

Devolution has posed a myriad of problems and I finally feel like I have it figured out. We give hundreds of millions to a group of people who had never handled that kind of cash before and expect them to perform. We have given an immence amount of power to people who simply can’t manage.

The problem of corruption in my opinion is not one that will be solved through high-handedness or dozens of conferences. It will be solved through finding the right person for the job and holding them accountable through levels they cannot manipulate.

Photo source:
Kenya monitor.
Samrack media.

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