10. Uwarranted Comments on Social Media.

Kenyans are quite creative i must admit. The other day i was scrolling through a post announcing Iphone  pre-orders at 159,000 Ksh and the comments were quite hilarious or at least most of them.

I was definitely entertained by some of the savage comments but as for the rest, i’ll have to be brutally honest. No one really cares!

You don’t have to air your views about everything under the sun especially when it’s unwarranted. So if you can’t afford the phone and/or are not funny, please save us the time and let us scroll through the jokes in peace.

9. Sharing Graphic images.

There are so many unavoidable accidents that happen everyday but you should be conscious when forwarding a goring image particularly those of car accidents.

Some of us use twitter for news but the lack of regulation exposes everyone to things we can never unsee.

If you really have to, please issue a disclaimer of some sort or just refrain from posting anything disturbing.

8. Twitter Hate.

There is is this habits Kenyans have of relating anything negative to political causes.

Elections are over and regardless of the turn of events in the political scene from this point forward, let love prevail.

7. Propaganda.

The number of peole with access to a keyboard and an internet connection is growing everyday and consequently, fake news.

I really don’t understand why people take it upon themselves to exaggerate news or just make something out of thin air,whatever it is, just know that this is a form of incitemement and when you achieve the kind of emotion you are trying to spark, tensions wiil rise and lives will be lost.

6. Forwadings memes irresponsibly.

Memes can be good thing when they entertain and helps us keep in touch but, we should always be aware of the purpose of those whatsapp groups and what kind of audience we are forwarding to.
Please avoid those awkward moments that might scar your reputation.

5. Blueticks.

This is basically a global problem and men are the primary victims.
Please let’s  stop blueticking people just for the sake of looking cool or too important, but honestly some people really need to be blueticked so if you have to and they deserve it, have no mercy.

4. The ‘Njaanuary story.

This is becoming so old. Please come up with a new problem we can mope about. I think by now Kenyans should have learnt their lesson. (Obviously not)

3. SlayQueens and Kings.

This one will end quite soon so let’s not even dwell here.

2. These things?

I really don’t know what kenyans have against them but lemme just put it out there.

1. Muchene (Gossip excess).

A hot story is only good as long as it is hot but once it goes stale, that information only takes you as far as small talk.
Please invest as little time as you can on gossip otherwise spend the rest of your time reading important material or just googling something you always wanted to know, if that’s too much just stick to dishes and laundry.

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