I described beauty simply as complexity expressed in a simple form.

The rose flower has been for the longest time the hallmark of mesmerising beauty. It has surpassed the test of time and traversed the dynamics of evolution to hypnotise even the strongest of women who cross it’s path. It’s flamboyance lies in two of its unique features; fragrance and aesthetic value.

When you pick up a magnifying glass to breakdown what exactly constitues the flower, we find a very intricate process that requires mind-boggling terms to remotely describe. It takes time and resources to produce that one flower that once complete, is appreciated for a day or two and then thrown away.

I absolutely love classical music and from someone who has done a bit of music theory, I can tell you for free that it takes gruelling manhours to attain the level of skill required to  soulfully execute the simplest of songs. These manhours are applied by each member in an orchestra to produce a 30 minute performance that moves the audience with it’s outstanding beauty.

Let’s look at another great hallmark of beauty; the woman. Their morning schedule involves waking up at least an hour earlier to put on makeup and pick the right outfit for the day. What most men might not be aware of is that behind that pretty face and attention grabbing outfit  is a team of saloonists, fashion designers and hairdressers all on a common mission.

For the broke university student, it starts from combing through endless youtube makeup tutorials to finding the right shades and outfits all within a limited budget.

So the next time you want to make produce stupefying beauty, the formula is quite straighforward:

1. Put in an incredible amount of thought into whatever you want to reinvent as beautiful. (the term incredible here should not be taken lightly)

2. Make it scream perfection.

3. Seek someone elses opinion and make any changes you deem necessary.

3. Own it and make it profound to anyone who would want to replicate your work.

4. Put it out there for all the world to see and make it seem so simple that you barely broke a sweat.

Cheers, make the world beautiful.


Photos: pexels.com

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