Safaricom Jazz is one of those events I will always make time for. Knowing the whole purpose of the festival makes me feel like part of something bigger. Jazz for me speaks tradition, professionalism and virtuosoship; all halmarks of music that transcends the dynamics of time.

This years final edition of Safaricom Jazz lounge saw Alune Wade from Senegal headline together with Kavita Shah from India/USA. The event was the most packed I have ever seen considering the recent developments in the political atmosphere.

Alune was my key star for the day, I had never heard his music before but once I saw the poster, I downloaded his album and his voice just blew me away. His perfomance didn’t dissapoint and though I had to leave early before their dou perfomance with Kavita, I can’t complain.

I have some reservations however. I feel like the event has now been inclined towards pleasing the mass particularly the younger generation rather than the display of musical virtuosoship. I am not against this, but I feel like the whole tradition of jazz appreciated by the older generation might not be adopted by the younger generation thats desirous of hype.

My challenge to the organisers is separating the two. Those who love jazz for what it has always been and those who are simply there for the experience, otherwise one side might feel pushed away.

Nontheless, the location, atmosphere, sound quality, lighting and even goodies were all a plus for me.

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