People boarding a KBS bus.
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Is it just me or does life in Nairobi get even more dramatic by the day? As a heavy reliant of Google Maps for navigation, I still find corners and crooks in this town that never fail to surprise me.

So the weekend, I was travelling to my aunt’s place in Jamhuri. The normal matatus (vehicles) am used to are not usually available during morning hours so I had to think of an alternative.

Last time I was in a similar situation, I boarded matatu to Yaya and walked the rest of the way which was quite a distance. I had the other option of boarding a matatu all the way to Kibera and then walking a considerably shorter distance thus saving on a whole lot of calories and a coin there.

KBS ? bus stop at KNH

The Kibera idea was just that; an idea. I had never done it before but, this wouldn’t be the first or ‘fiftyith’ time I was sure about where I was going but almost 100% unsure about the route.

This is the part where am supposed to say I had second thoughts or some kind of vodoo sh*** that tried to prevent me from boarding just because something bad happened. No! I was all in; meat, flesh and blood in. In fact, I could go ahead and say,  I felt like dying if I didn’t board that mat. That was a bit overboard I agree but you get the point. (I hope;)

Just as the vehicle comes to a halt at KNH hospital ? and some passengers are alighting, water plus steam begins gushing out from the driver’s area and jetting onto anyone in its path. Keep in mind that there is no partition between the driver’s ‘cockpit’ and the passengers area (see what I did there, Hehe!!)

KBS bus on Parliament road
Photo source: Flickr

I was sitted a meter or three from the vicious jet and all I remember were screams, pushing, shoving and exasperation. The small exit was swarmed with people and I remember thinking, ‘There is no way am going to make it through that one door!’ I kept thinking of what’s the worst that could happen and all I could think of was an explosion. (I’ve watched too many movies right!?) 

I remember being the last off the vehicle through the back left window and it was still a struggle, I guess I can’t exactly move like I used to;)
Luckily no one was badly hurt and there were no serious cases. We got an alternate matatu and arrived at our destination safely; as far as I can tell. My heart goes out to those who were traumatised both physically and mentally. There are so many moral lessons we can learn from this but I will leave that up to you.

I got a small graze trying to imitate Spiderman but that was nothing compared to what others had done deal with both physically and psychologically. I think I was pretty calm for someone who was in a marauding fox’s mouth!

I will not even go into who was at wrong. I’ll leave all the conclusions and philosophies to you. What I will leave you is ‘It could be you next time?) just saying? (don’t shoot the messenger and remember to subscribe!) Sorry I’ve missed out on a couple of weekend posts.

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