The Rockefeller Chrismas tree in NY
Author: Julian Colton

What is Christmas to you? Is it a time to celebrate Christ’s birth, a festive season, a time to spend with your close friends and family or just a festive season?

What if I told you that those are beliefs you are led to believe by the media. Go ahead and switch on that TV and try to prove me wrong- I could almost guarantee its a Christmas holiday advert trying to impose on you how you should celebrate Christmas.

So what is Christmas? A time to celebrate the birthday of Christ you say!…Hmm so where did these beliefs about some guy in a red suit and others come about? Lets go over some facts:

Fact No. 1: Christmas is basically Jesus Christ’s birthday.

Fact No. 2: Christmas is considered a time of giving; remember how the wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus? Get your facts straight if you don’t.

St. Nicholas,
 considered by many to be the original Santa

author: crazyphunk

Ever considered that Santa Claus and his buddies were an invention of the corporate world to woo customers during the festive season? Think about it;  Santa was standardised in the 1920s before, he was dressed in robes (man of the cloth) like you would expect for a holiday that got its name from “Christ’s Mass” but no, apparently he wasn’t as appealing and a red suit suited him better(pun fully intended).

Do you think Christmas is overrated? Well, I do! It so hyped that we spend most of our time thinking of travel plans, vacation destinations and whatnot, but why? Are we so dependent that we are unable to follow our guts and make well planned out holidays throughout the year? Do we have to wait for others to go on holiday and follow suit? Compare this to IDD, no much hype and ‘noise’ about the holiday. The Muslims don’t have the urge to overly impose their holiday as some Christians do, and please don’t tell me that Christians are more than Muslims.

Santa waving to children in Chicago
Attribution: Douglas Laghden

Back to Santa, here is my letter to you?

” Why havent I ever received a gift from you? Why haven’t 
you ever come to Kenya? You have never replied to any of my letters! I know for sure you haven’t done anything because corruption and greed here is still the norm. Is it because it doesnt snow in Africa because we have some in South Africa and I have never heard any testimonials from there? or Is it because I am black? and if you don’t exist why can’t parents just take credit for getting their children gifts? I don’t remember Jesus’s birth being associated with any form of lying unless we believe In different doctrines. Anyway, have fun sitting on the North pole 😉

Cold Regards.”

Open your eyes people, Santa is a figure corrupted by the corprate world just to provoke you to spend more during the festive season. Africans, let’s not follow this crap?

Now, I hope I have given you a new perspective of Christmas. See you in the New Year.

Special thanks to Wesley wanjohi for the post.

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