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How much money do you think would be enough to satisfy you fully?

Some would say all the money in the world, but we both know that’s not feasible. Money only has meaning because we give it. Otherwise it’s just paper, but when you overdo it, you become a slave.

We are in a modern world where money is constantly on our minds. We go through a rigorous education system just to acquire it. Here is some hot cocoa while you think:)

We betray family out of greed forgetting that money is not necessarily the reason we are alive. A year ago if you would have asked me if money is directly propotional to happiness, I would have nodded vigorously. But now, am shrewd. Money can buy you happiness but only to a certain extent; after which, it becomes irrelevant.

In as much as money and wealth is glorified, I think people should be taught the true meaning of life. I don’t think we are here just to see how much money we can gain in a short period. Love, passion and happiness matter way more.

Think about it, you can live without money but, you can’t live without love, passion and happiness. The people around you are what makes life worth living, because they make you feel loved and happy. Our successes are nothing if we don’t have anyone to share them with.

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You might wonder; ‘how can I live without money?’ Well, money is only a means. With only loving people around you who can support you and no money, I don’t see how you will die unless from too much love (if that’s even a thing) but you can die with all the money you wanted and no happiness, passion or love. You will actually take you own life!!

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