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Who you are as an individual is defined by so much, from your upbringing to your genes. There is so much about you that you think you have no control over but, in real sense, all your moves are predictable.
When the things that define you are carefully analyzed, you can be categorized according to how you think; from your temperament to the decision you will make when given certain options.
Humans like limiting themselves to a simple sentences regardless of how complex something might be. We find ways to simplify almost everything to a level where we can be able to comprehend, this can actually be a very useful tool and its practically the basis of this article.
Once you understand what your actions are defined by and employ the simplicity tool; you begin to map out you brain and gain pieces to a puzzle. Your life is so dynamic that life is like a whole course that ends at death and mastering isn’t as easy as I might make it sound but, just making the effort puts you a bar higher than everyone else.
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You have the ability to predict the outcome of certain decisions you make and once you begin to appreciate that, you begin to think on a whole new level.
The actions and decisions you make form a puzzle and you have the ability to piece them together, combine that with learning from others mistakes and the results will wow you, the world is your oyster and as soon as you treat it that way you expose yourself to endless possibilities. Take time to meditate on this!
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