I was watching a motivational clip the other day and, it was all about being nice to people, with no expectations of any form of reciprocation.

The clip depicts an man performing a series of random acts of kindness on a regular basis. I will highlight them here to give you a feel of what was going through my mind while watching it.

Scenario 1: depicts him walking on a sidewalk when suddenly; dirty water from a storey building spills on him and instead of the expected fit of rage, the man pulls a nearby pot under the stream so I he plant can be watered.

Now, my first thought when I saw that was; would I do that? Frankly, I think that’s a public violation, anyone who willingly or unwillingly directs dirty water onto the sidewalk should face some sort of punishment by law. I also think its common sense that water from a height of one storey is enough to erode soil from a potted plant and don’t you think that water is a tad too much; the plant will suffocate! Am no Physics major but, the angle of trajectory at which the water was aiming would obviously change due to pressure.

Scenario 2: depicts the same guy helping an old lady push her cart of fruits and whatnot from the zebra crossing onto the side walk.

First of all why is an old lady pushing a cart, where are the energetic youth who are supposed to be doing this job!? Circumstance you say? Maybe, but wouldn’t a small portable ramp do the trick?

Scenario 3: there are two beggars on the street. One, a very young girl; probably less than 10. The second, an older lady- her mom. The young man steps up an opens up his wallets and finds two big notes and after a seemingly ambivalent moment, the man fishes out one note and places in the young girls cup; fully aware of the tiny plack that reads ‘for education’. With a tiny adorable bow, the girl thanks the man.

I honestly have nothing on this one, I think its pure kindness. The eventual outcome is what touched me the most and I think its what we all yearn for when we try and help someone out especially, those we know very little about; so stick around to find out.

Scenario 4: The man is having a nice lunch in a bench when a dog appears. The man hold up his only piece of chicken thigh (here is one for you to chew in while you contemplate) and hands it over to the dog!

photo source: allrecipies.com

I love animals, particularly cats and dogs so, I think I’d probably do that but definitely, not the whole piece unless; am full or its my dog . Am not used to dogs being allowed in restaurants unless they are on a plate (see what I did there;) Pets are a health violation in any public food setting and am guessing the dog’s owner is sane enough to feed his dog unless its a stray. A full piece every time might not be practical in my view considering it not my dog but, what the heck! If you can do it.

The clip continued to illustrate how the man did his acts of kindness regularly. Checking on his plant, helping the old lady, giving the young girl money and feeding the dog. I now pose the question to you; Would you do all this?

Our philosophies have moulded us into men and and women who at times over think stuff and coupled with the dishonest and greedy people out there who discourage us. What you get is people who are hesitant to perform random acts of kindness to random people in need.

Eventually, the plant experienced tremendous growth, the old lady had the boldest smile, the dog just remained a dog but got a friend and finally the icing on top; the young girl appeared in her new school uniform to the surprise of the young man.

I truly believe that any act of kindness will be blessed regardless of whether you are abused, belittled or even lied to by people who are out to exploit you so, maybe don’t over think stuff sometimes. Everyone deserves a chance right?

Here is the YouTube link to the full video. Enjoy;)

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