Sophistication already sounds like a sophisticated word. Underused not only in common language, but also as a tool in our christened ‘modern world’. It seems to have been left to the higher social class who have mastered its art.

The wealthy are considered assertive and aggressive at what they want, while the hand-to-mouth feeders are known for being assertive and aggressive at being needy and, using their ‘helplessness’ as a tool.

It’s not always about how much money you have. You don’t have to pay anyone to be assertive and aggressive at what you want and that’s where most people go wrong; their assertive energy levels are gauge-shattering but lacking in terms of focus.

Stooping to your needy level and proudly displaying your helplessness just to get attention will not make you rich(unless lucky). Your perception of wealth will. It’s not rocket science, others have made it so why not you? I’ll use an illustration to further explain this.

photo source: pintrest

Two young men of almost equal financial status walk in for a job interview.The first, dressed in a neat casual but wrinkled outfit, tactically talks about his financial status and how hard life has been on him. He gives his word that he will be the best and hardest worker, now this is not a high profile job so the requirements are minimal.

The second man walks in for his interview dressed preety much the same but notably neat, like he actually took time to prepare. He exudes confidence and politeness but, still manages to be assertive. He tells the client what he can do and uses past experiences to further prove his ability, carefully avoiding any over-explaining or seeming too comfortable.

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One could say that the second interviewee went to a gun fight with a knife and said that he would use it while impersonating and infiltrating the enemy lines, since it is less conspicuous than a gun and could be easily snuck in. The first interviewee went to the same gun fight with a knife but explained that its all he could find since there were no guns left.

The first guy uses his vulnerability to try and gain the interviewers emotional attention. His mode of dressing again, exudes desperation. The second interviewee on the second hand thinks like a rich man, he picks out his best outfit and does as much as he can to make it appealing. He then plan out his agenda and puts on a serious face ensuring that he articulates what he wants and what he can do, nothing more nothing less.

photo source: Pinterest
I’d put my money in the guy who thinks and acts like a rich man. Sophistication does not only have to do with wealth but also with getting the most out of something especially where you have to create an impression to do so.

Never reveal all your tricks at go, do only what is necessary in that situation, nothing more and nothing less; unless otherwise. What’s amazing, is that once they have taste of what you can do, their minds won’t stop imagining other things you can when we both know you can’t. Related: Investing In What You Love

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