In today’s evolving world; where diversity has become a trend. The demand for belonging and identifying with like-minded people, has risen. More so, due to the stigma associated with being ‘different’.

A lot of people might assume that support groups are for addicts or idle housewives with nothing to do, which is not true. A support group can be anything from your drinking buddies to a small fellowship, as long as a common denominator brings you together.

Lack of an avenue to share and talk about your principles, values and feelings on a wide array of issues, can be unhealthy for your state of mind. Everyone needs attention; even if it’s for a minute or two.

Like any other body part, the mind needs rejuvenation. It needs to be reminded what you believe in and why. A support group helps us understand that our struggles are part of a journey and sometimes, they makes us feel more confident when we discover that our struggles are only a fraction of what others in our situation are facing. Others may even learn from your coping mechanism.

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Support groups can be very complex, you can never really foretell how much you will gain from one especially, when membership is by default. You may find your next business partner, spouse or even a reliable confidant but, what I think is most important, are the long-lasting relationships which, come in handy particularly in societies where you have to know people to make it.

Healthy relationships are impeccable for maintaining a healthy state if mind. So as you exercise your physical, don’t forget to exercise your spirit.

So if you are not in a group now, join one and experience the joy of belonging and, develop the things you are Passionate about.

The beautiful thing about these groups is that a common goal has brought you together and that gives you the freedom to share your personal experiences with people who understand and can advise, sympathise or console accordingly.

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If you are already in one, appreciate it more from now on and maybe participate more. There are groups for even the most mundane of things and if you can’t readily find one nearby, create one and be focused on what you want to do and how you will impact everyone in that group.

The internet has become our ‘Good Cop Parent’ allowing us to learn and share anything we want but, regardless of how we mask ourselves behind those screen we will always yearn a personal touch.

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