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Mental health is an issue that’s slowly gaining traction, especially here in Kenya where psychologists and psychiatrists have long been reserved for crazy people and drug abusers.

The main reason why it has raised eyebrows, is due to the increase in the number of suicide cases. After marking world suicide prevention day; last month, the statistics are still mind- blowing.

After researching and reading several stories on Quora (you should check out) It appears that mental health issues are more common than we think, it’s only that we think our problems are unique to us; which is rarely the case.

Mental health should be taken very seriously, one can even get a sick off from presenting a letter from a doctor stating that they are depressed.

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Disorders such as anorexia where a person starves themselves to obtain a skinny figure, are not that foreign. Our modern day world has glorified a model figure and it’s no surprise when we fall prey. The fact that one can go to such extreme measures shows the gravity of the matter.

Most mental disorders are associated with genes and that’s where a psychiatrist and a psychologist come in. If a relative of yours committed suicide, they could have been bipolar or something similar and maybe you inherited the same trait. The could explain why you behave the way you do.

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Anorexia, DepressionOCD, ADHD, and Anxiety are just a few examples. It would take me a number of articles just to cover one but, lets leave it at that for today.

Mental health experts should never be underestimated, especially in a world where we have come to practically worship wealth and fame; which, as we know can sometimes leave people literally collecting your pieces.

We should base our lives on love and passion, that way we can worry less. We have made our lives about our careers and that has set limitations for who we can love and why we love those we love.

In conclusion, sometimes people don’t really have to be forced to say what’s wrong, all they need is some love and we can show that by just listening and focusing on the positives. More info: List Of Mental Disorders
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