If I was asked to write extensively about the things am madly passionate about and absolutely love, I’d definitely write a novel. Am sure quite a number share the same thought; regardless of the form of expression.

I consider passion a key driver of many things. The fact that it’s neither tangible nor measurable, makes it mysterious and (for lack of a better word) ‘fun’ to experiment with.

Forcing your brain to digest some textbook definition and theory takes away the joy of learning as you go along and more importantly, finding your own form of expression.

I was having a chat the other day with an amazing keyboardist who plays at a well ‘endowed’ church.The kind of church with all the bells and whistles a musician could wish for. With experience spanning just over 6 years, one could say that his love for the instrument is unquestionable (so is his single status, but we don’t talk about that). Mastery of such an instrument can take up-to years, so don’t judge.???


His love for the instrument doesn’t strike you outrighly, but a quick chat is enough to send you mind on a rollercoaster with occasional “Hmm…’s” as the only response deemed fit to his words of wit.

His advice to any budding musician is “invest in a good instrument”. And if you know a bit about music instruments, you must know they don’t come cheap and classes will have you digging even deeper into that pocket. It doesn’t come as a wonder that his home keyboard is more expensive than the ones he plays at the ‘endowed’ church (Roughly 3200$)and trust me; I have seen them and it’s hard to imagine it get’s any better than that. 
This is simply code for ‘invest in what you love’ and invest good. Now, what you love can be anything from a flashy car to philanthropy, whatever makes you happy. Never mind about people, they will always judge you even from the way you press your toothpaste– from the bottom or from the top. You ought to be careful though, don’t go on a spending spree just because I said so. It should be something you are passionate about and something you genuinely love, not a crazy whim you discussed with some friends over drinks last night. It should be something you think about constantly but, haven’t had the courage to take the leap yet.


I can give you a huge list of entrepreneurs who have taken leaps and have succeded, and those  who have failed can still admit to a certain deal of satisfaction having given a try at their goals and the thrill they got, was exhilarating; that is if they are not bitter about it and have seen the bigger picture.
You deserve to be happy because you worked hard for it and after all bills are paid I don’t see anything better to do with your cash other than spend it on something that makes you happy and something you are passionate about. It will definetly leave a long term effect that can be iconic even to your grandkids. 
Invest in what you love; you never know; you could even get paid to do something you love and you’ll  keep wondering who should be paying who.
Your happiness comes first. Think about what you love and what you want before you get to others. Do it because you want to and because it makes you happy. 
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