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 I can almost guarantee that everyone who understands the versatility of the interwebs has done some kind of research on matters relationship.

Doing a bit of research in anticipation for a date, is a clear sign of how enthusiastic you are about it and how much you want to impress; a very noble and selfless gesture if you ask me. But where do we draw the line?

You should never compromise on who you are. Your friends will give you advise on how to dress to impress and the internet will give you 10 or so steps to figuring out if s/he is the right one. So guard the door to you mind!  Filter out what’s not good for you.

Articles can not fully capture who you are and if anything, they can narrow you; if you are close minded.

Don’t let relationship advise whether online or offline mask your true self. Otherwise, you may end up with a spouse who married the internet or an author if not your friends and divorce might be the best scenario of how it might end.


In conclusion, don’t do anything that you think will compromise on who you are and what you believe in. You are a beautiful being with talent and charisma expressed in ways you know best and that’s why those around you still stick around.

Let the internet make you a better person and not supress your natural aura. More so, just to impress one person. 

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