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What is life’s point? We wake up everyday and work our backs of just so we can live a better life tomorrow and give our kids what our parents couldn’t.

I perceive life as survival for the fittest because we constantly try to outdo each other to get to the top of the food chain. Think about it, its not about the money you have its about what it means to other people otherwise its just paper.

Let’s  assume all our dreams came true and that beautiful life you have always painted in your mind comes true, then what? Death? I must say that the ecstasies and challenges we experience all revolve in a merry go round and they will always be there regardless of whether money is there or not, so with that we can rule out money as life’s point.

I believe that we have a higher purpose other than just seeking wealth. I cant exactly pinpoint this purpose but I can tell you that it is something that’s beyond me and you. You can call it Religion or whatever you like, they are just labels anyway.

There are alot of people out there who do not have the ability to make their dreams a reality and I would like to consider the higher purpose our common denominator. And if life is only about ‘fun and money’, why condemn those who commit suicide? The whole idea must be pointless to them.

In conclusion, I believe that we all have an equal chance at something greater and the materialistic ideology we put on a pedestal, is vanity. Life is worth so much more and I think that we humans take it so lightly. The argument of the existence of life after death is one that could go on for centuries and all that matters is where you stand and where it takes you. So stay on the safe side and live like there is one, what do you have to lose anyway?

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