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I am so tired of seeing the same thing over and over on my social media page. I wake up to the same nonsense every time and its so irritating that some people have become so predictable and frankly, its so boring I could kill myself.

Girls! cause you are not ladies, what is it with you and love and relationships? It seems that since social media happened everyone has become an expert on love. All I see is love this, my ex that, and a relationship status that will never make up its mind.

We expect that with so much ‘wisdom’ on relationships as you portray; you would have already bagged yourself Mr. Right and finally given us a break. I agree relationships can be complicated but no one is rating your social media page to see how good you are at reporting events about your life as soon as they happen, which by the way if I have to remind you we don’t care about.

We all know teenagers are at that age that  people claim is a transition to adulthood and when boys and girls start watching as their bodies unfold. I don’t see what the big deal is about, its not like it caught you unawares, you perfectly knew what was going to happen and for goodness sake this is 2016 so Mr. Right is not looking for just a woman to marry, he is looking for a woman with character, not a super hormonal naive girl who is always contemplating on whether to post nudes. So all those posts you make on you conclusions of love and how men are, please rethink them and once in a while we would like to see the real side of you when you are ready to face the real world.

The digital age allows you to learn step by step everything you need to know about your future, you are human and you will go through basically everything other humans go through so why are you too blind to notice that. By now you should have known that employers ask for your social media pages to do a background check to see how interested you are in the field you are applying for; so what do you think will go through their mind when all they see is the five men who have dumped you or about that ex who is always texting you or how much you think men are dogs even after going through five different breeds? I just hope that your Boss won’t be a German Shepherd!

You have probably heard of the Worth More Alive campaign; if not, you should be tweeting right now as a start so stop being naive and pull your head out of teenagehood craze because it’s not going to last forever and while you are at it look up the word Limerence because what you call love might not be exactly what you are an expert on.

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