So does He exist? Have you ever asked yourself this question? If yes, what did you come up with and if no; what do you think about it now?

I have given it a lot of thought and I have finally cracked it.

The issue of God’s Existence is a matter that has existed for centuries, it has racked the brains of some of the greatest scientists and even during Jesus time it was a big issue according to the Bible; one could actually say that it was one of the main reasons why Jesus came to earth. I am no expert on the Bible and am not here to convert you or to tell you that whatever you believe in is wrong, am simply her to add on to what you know; no man is an Island anyway.

So before I share with you what I know I want to lay a foundation. For the rest of this article I want you to keep an open mind, how? I want you to forget whatever conclusion you have come up with about His existence; whether you believe He exists, whether you don’t or whether you don’t care. Fixating your mind on one conclusion has been known to inhibit the learning process, so when you are done you can go back to whatever you believe in but meditate these words if you think they add any value.

So with the little background information I have, I can tell you that in the Bible God says that He is the greatest among everything, He actually created everything you see and know and He also says that there is no being that can be compared to Him, so I want us to stay on this for a while; when I think of the greatest man on earth I think of a president of a superpower country somewhere because that’s what the media makes us believe. The president never claims to have created the world, so who did? Is it this being that claims to be unfathomable? At least He claims responsibility…

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I think humans know 0.03 percent of what there is to know about the world and ignoring the fact that there might be a being that created all we see is just being naive. Some of us believe in atoms and molecules and yet we have never seen them but we do so just because the people who tell us. Sometimes it’s not about what you believe in; you can argue with absolutely everyone about your beliefs but in real sense the question you should be really asking is; ‘of what value is it to me?’ That’s something you should think about.

What do you have to lose by believing in God, think about it. Some people might say that it’s the fun of life that the bible is allegedly against but It doesn’t have to be the way you picture it in your head, for everything good you see or experience, growth is involved. So no one tells you to wake up one day and just start believing in God and that’s the beauty of it but on the other hand you never know when you will die so you can’t really know how much time you have.

So should you believe in God? I can’t give you an answer but hey, I can stimulate your thinking.

I know this is not a one article topic so your views or answers are welcome. You can email me at or tweet at @martin_chomba.

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