Have you ever been in a situation where you are doing something really important; something that could totally change you life and you just don’t want to screw up? How does it feel when you have a barrier? Frustrating right!!!  Yeah i know because i went through the same thing applying for college. Worse still was the fact that it is a government website and regardless of the fact that it was a very sensitive matter. A bumpy ride could not adequately describe my experience maybe a nightmare or that thing that frightens you most like farting in a public place with pin drop silence…Oh the embarrassment. If i was to rate the website out of ten, I would give it a two if am held against the wall and a three if am in a really good mood and not just any kind of mood, the kind of mood you get when the Queen invites you for brunch. I mean come on, the website targets high school leavers and parents mostly and the kind of info provided there is like the History notes I used to read in school (now you wonder why i dropped it) The information is so irrelevant and poorly organized. Seriously!! come on, if i wanted to read when the organization was founded I would Google it or click on a button called history of formation.
 Websites especially those designed for young minds should be dumb proof, even a class four kid should be able to understand and  I should not have to ask someone to explain it to me, If i need help just place a help button at a corner somewhere or FAQ’s. Am not done,  I wrote an email when I was having problems and in the email I clearly stated the kind of Problems I was having and the gave my views on how they can improve but in the reply only one of the many issues I had raised was answered. They did not even bother to appreciate feedback from a caring citizen, at least they should have told me they are working on it even though I would have complained about it but now, they did not even apologize for the psychological trauma caused both directly and indirectly. I appeal to anyone who manages a website, Make It Dumb Proof or better yet close it down.

Have nice day!!

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