I had one hell of a day today and it started all the way from the weekend. So on Sunday we went to do some shopping with my parents together with seeing my brother off to school, in the supermarket my mum got a whim that my brother did not have anything to drink and being the kind person that she is, she gave me a hundred shillings and sent me to buy a soda and take it to him before the vehicle took off. I picked the soda and went to the counter to pay, now this is where the action begins. At the front of the line was this young man -probably younger than me– He was paying for two small yoghurts and two wafers-, the only problem  was that he was short of cash by four shillings so i did the next big thing and gave him a ten shilling coin i had in my back pocket, I put myself in his shoes and thought of how distressed I would have beenand that’s why I helped him. This is where it gets spicy, today I was meeting someone who was supposed to give deliver my certificate.Surprisingly the guy offered to take me to a cafe and who was I to decline, It was lunch time after all. I know it was #CertificateOfDoomStyle. He gave me a hundred shillings and left, I ordered black coffee and the another guy came in and sat next to me, he ate quickly and left me there sipping my coffee, when I went to pay I was told that the stranger had paid for me, I was happy and kinda sad at the same time because i didn’t get a chance to thank him .I went back to school and I was surprised with a blackforest cake, I had no idea whose birthday it was being the new guy and all but that cake tasted Damn 
 Good!! touched. So why am i telling you these two stories at a go? Because i believe they are  related, that small gesture at the supermarket was translated elsewhere in abundance. So take a leaf from this a touch someones heart today, you never know what will happen??

Twitter: @martin_muchira

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