The other day i was visiting the famous and great city of Nairobi which is assumed by most people living in the upcountry to be the epitome of money and unlimited employment. This is obviously not the case as some  have discovered. It is clearly evident on their battered hard-baked faces, the sad reality of the tough times in the city which have sent some to do crazy! Jobs and others even opting to return to  the village which now appears to be paradise . It is sad to see a place with centa-millionaires and billionaires and also “Survivors” who barely live hand to mouth.
I experienced a lot in the city and most of the memories are not pleasing. I experienced headache and stomachache at the same time; am sure i must have broken some kind of record. The fumes from the many vehicles combined with shoving, pushing and careful maneuvering to avoid colliding with people and vehicles was well complimented by the scorching sun which vowed to cause torture to my tiny and weak body. I literally wanted to explode until i went to the classiest toilet ever. I know this sounds weird but its true. The toilet…no wait, the Bathroom!! had buttons for flushing, unlimited teepee, hand wash. a hand dryer and a really big mirror, It couldn’t get any better than this. The Irony of this whole statement is that on that same day I also visited a public toilet later when my explosions were making a comeback and wee not even a tiny bit shy to express their dissatisfaction even after being treated Linda Oyier style that is for FREE. The Public toilet charged me ten shillings and I had to use a jug to flush and the teepee was limited. FYI this is just the censored version it was much worse The fume were intoxicated in the crowdy excuse for a toilet. I could barely breath but circumstance brought me there.
There is still something don”t understand: I went to the classiest, cleanest toilet in my life for free and a public toilet in really bad shape at a cost. Am still in the wind!! Some food for thought
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