Month: March 2015

City Life.. Ugh!!

The other day i was visiting the famous and great city of Nairobi which is assumed by most people living in the upcountry to be the epitome of money and unlimited employment. This is obviously not the case as some  have...

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Good Deeds Do Go A Long Way

I had one hell of a day today and it started all the way from the weekend. So on Sunday we went to do some shopping with my parents together with seeing my brother off to school, in the supermarket my mum got a whim that my...

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Life Philosophies at 20: Essays on the fundamentals that encompass the young person's life.

Young people cannot be deep thinkers is a myth this book aims to refute. It is an expression of ideas the author feels are important and possibly fundamental. The book breaks down the simple fundamental ideas that encompass the young person from a philosophical perspective It helps give a glimpse of what young people are concerned about as well as to stimulate minds on the right philosophies of approaching life. It is less of a manual and more of a thought trigger that readers are encouraged to argue and critique.