I am a christian and i realised we judge people all the time and if you are probably wondering, Yes! I have fallen prey too. From the way a person walks to their hobbies, we judge everything. Some Christians consider themselves “holier that thou” (this is obviously a fantasy), let me use a simple illustration; It was only recently when we had the “My Dress My Choice” uproar which caused alot of buzz.When some “holy” people see a lady dressed in her “Choice” {Pun fully intended} they are very quick to judge that it is indecent and the person haseroded morals Sure, some people take it too far and do it for all the wrong reasons, i also know it is hard to judge sometimes , but the next time you feel the urge to judge just remember someone out there is judging you for something you may or may not feel guilty about. Never forget where you came from and don’t try to force someone to change, instead drop the double standards an try to rub off your good traits through actions and not Gossip.

Have a nice Day and remember that no one is perfect and everyday we spend perfecting our flaws.

Twitter: @martin_chomba

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